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ABC Rent Estonia has created a simple and reliable system for its business clients, which means that you may concentrate on your field of work, and not on vehicle problems.


We are often short of time and people who thoroughly research the market for a suitable vehicle for our companies. Sometimes it’s not quite clear what kind of a vehicle is needed in the long run, at other times a project may not be definite enough to start buying a car for it. There may be several reasons for this simple solution – a rental car.
It is possible to choose a rental car to fit your needs from the selection of our fleet vehicles. To do this, simply enter the online rental car portal of ABC Rent to make your selection.
In the case of long-term endeavours we can help you find a vehicle to lease; either from a selection of cars already present or from a selection to be ordered. These are to be found on the ABC Rent leasing portal.
All you have to do at the end of the rental period is to return the car. It’s as easy as that! Should your business endeavours not go as well as was hoped, the rental contract may be prematurely terminated by agreement.


It’s not only about the leasing. You’ll notice this the first time your car needs to undergo maintenance, when you could use a replacement car, when winter approaches and new tires need to be found, etc, etc.
You’ll be free from such worries with ABC Rent Full Service Rent
What exactly do we offer? We can help create and manage your own vehicle fleet; create a system to monitor vehicle use; take care of insurance and maintenance; keep track of and issue travel journals. We help reduce your expenses by increasing the effectiveness of your vehicle use.


Companies often find themselves having trouble with keeping a clear overview of distance travelled and work-time management. We have created a system for our business clients to monitor and manage their vehicles, called GTS. The executive of the company or the person in charge of transportation may at any time check the position of their vehicles, browse trip histories, create and analyse reports on vehicle use.


Be freed from having to fill out bothersome (and often quite fictional) travel journals. Control units may be installed in your vehicles to do this automatically. To file a report on travels, all you have to fill in is the description of made journey and whether it was a private or business trip. The monthly printout enables proper accounting.


If you wish, we ABC RENT can make a contract covering business hours only. For example: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. No private trips; no fringe benefits. The control unit installed in the vehicle records its starting position at the beginning of the rental time and again at the end of the day. In this case, the company only pays for the use of the car during business hours.
But what if an employee does need the vehicle for private trips? In the case above, the right to use the car belongs to the rental company during off-business hours. We can offer the employee another rental contract, enabling him to use the vehicle outside business hours. Two separate contracts, two separate vehicle uses. Business and private trips are kept strictly apart. 


ABC Rent’s kasko insurance partner is BTA Insurance Company SE. In collaboration with our chosen partners we can offer you fast and reliable solutions for possible occurrences. We also offer you a replacement car during a loss adjustment process.


We will compose a precise maintenance schedule for you and make sure that you will be notified on time. If running repairs are necessary, you are given priority in repair work and receiving a replacement car.
We can make a precise offer for you in accordance to your needs and vehicle fleet size.

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